Sunday, November 18, 2007

Museum of Nature & Science

I just wanted to post a few pictures of our trip to the Museum of Nature and Science. We went late yesterday afternoon and did a quick run thru of most of the museum. Lee and I want to go back to see the Titanic exhibit. It started in June and runs till January but is sold out most weekends so we are planning to ditch work and see it. I'll probably be teary eyed after I get thru it. I went with Andrew about a month or so ago to the museum on his school fieldtrip and watched a documentary which started on the wetlands in New Orleans and the importance of maintaining them. However, while filming, Hurricane Katrina hit and it showed the devastation and destruction that swept the city. I tried my best not to cry because I was surrounded by a bunch of 4th grade boys. I plan on bringing some tissues because I'm sure I'll end up crying...Darn documentaries! They get me every time!

Andrew, Serenity (my neice), Madison and Aaliyah (my other neice) being attacked by a bear, oh my!

"Walk like an Egyptian..."

My sister, Lynn.