Friday, January 25, 2008

Paw Pride Winner!

Madison was the Paw Pride winner in her 1st grade class! She has been trying so hard with her reading and spelling and it's paying off! She was having difficulty 1st quarter with reading and spelling and wasn't at grade level. However, with a little extra help at school and at home, she has made significant improvements and has even made it to the middle reading level in her class! She is hoping to be at the top level very soon. We are just so proud that she is doing her very best and is a good friend to the kids in her class. She was also Star of the Week so it's been an eventful week for her. In addition to the award and medal, Madison received free coupons to Mimi's Cafe, Dairy Queen, Skate City, and Brunswick Bowling. We were all invited to have breakfast with her Principal, teachers, and other Paw Pride winners. Madison loves her teacher, Ms. Sammaniego! We are thankful that she has such a great time at school and enjoys learning. We are proud of her for trying her best and not giving up.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Andrew's 1st basket ball game!

Although Andrew's team, the Rams, lost their first game 18-8, I am very proud to say he scored 6 of the 8 points in the game! He has the best shot on his team and that's not the gloating mom in me, he truly kicks ass at shooting the ball! His team needs a lot of work at handling and controlling the ball, but I think overall they are really good. The other team had one kid (#3) that scored all 18 points and each time any of them had the ball, they immediatley passed it to #3 so he could score. I'm not taking away from their victory, but as a team, we were better. I can't wait until next Saturday's game against the Orangemen! (Maybe I can remember to bring my new camera to that one!)