Friday, September 3, 2010

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kids: Update

I am an AWFUL blogger, lol! I should be better about posting updates and pics of the kids for all of our family that is out of state but with working more hours and all the kid's activities our blog suffers :( Sorry in-laws :)

The picture below captures Tommy's little personality so well. He is such a character! He will be the kid I worry about when he gets to school because he will be the class clown. He has to have everyone's attention and is such a goof ball! My sister took this picture while we were out to lunch at Old Chicago's. A few days later I went out to eat Pho with a bunch of friends from work and once again had all eyes on him. Every waiter stopped by several times to pay him a visit. He sure knows how to ham it up, eh?
He still isn't walking but will hold on to just about anything to walk around the house.


strolls religiously, lol
loves little gem chocolate doughnuts
waves to everyone
is very attached to his big brother
gets into EVERYTHING, especially my movies
has 14 teeth, including 4 molars
torments my poor cat
is a HUGE flirt

Madison just finished up her first season of soccer. She's been in everything from dance to basketball and I think she finally found something she really enjoys. She had a really great season. She came close to scoring about 6 times but for one reason or another, didn't. I was very proud at the effort she put in. She was recently in two plays. One was a Pirate play which she played a prisoner (pic below). The other was a short 3 Little Pigs play where she was the mother. It was so cute! The choir at her school does such a great job, I always enjoy their performances.
She is starting to look so much like her dad. Her soccer pictures came in a few weeks ago and I was surpised by how much she's changed. She looked like a blonde version of him! It's so funny cause when the kids were little they didn't look like either one of us, lol! But, now that they are getting older, they are starting to look like they belong to us!
My sweet Andrew is getting so big! He is wrapping up his second round of basketball this weekend and will be starting football soon. He plays rec basketball and then a few months of Jam basketball which is a competitive league. He LOVES playing. Most days he goes to the rec and will shoot around or play a pick up game.
I am so proud of him with school. He has been in the honor roll all year and was recently accepted into Honor Society. He hopes to finish off the year with straight A's. He's had 1 B every semester and is so close to his goal. As of Friday he has all A's and one B in his Honor's Math class but it's an 88% and just re-took a test so he could hopefully get those extra points he needs to get an A. I admire his hard work and determination.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Little Terror

A year has passed, rather quickly I might add, and my little "angel" has turned out to be quite the terror. He has such a funny and quick tempered personality that makes him quite different than my other two. Andrew is a very mellow kid, always has been; and, Madison, alhough she's very sassy now, she was always very sweet and quiet. Tommy, on the other hand is a goof ball that LOVES attention. He's also very strong willed. He already has such a stubborn, hot tempered side to him! Oy, imagine when he hits the terrible 3's! (My kids were ornery at 3, not 2). The picture above is him trying to sweeten me up so he can get into the "forbidden zone", a.k.a. my scrapbook area. LOL. Don't make fun of me, Lynn and Heather!

This is him right after he reached for my cup of soda which he dumped over his head!

The little Terror also likes to get into the cat food! When the baby gate isn't up and I've turned my back for a sec, he attacks poor Kitty's bowl of food. I won't lie, I've had to fish some out of his mouth on more than one occasion! He's too darn quick sometimes!

Taking a shower is such a challenge some days. This is what I stepped out to find! This time he had an accomplice...My cat! Tommy had toilet paper everywhere and my fat, compulisive cat is right beside him eating it! The cat took off running as soon as I peeked out cause he knew he was in trouble. Tommy just handed me some toilet paper and gave me one of his cheesy little sh*t kid grins.
Though he's a handful, I love that kid to pieces!