Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tommy @ 23 months old

Tommy is pretty much the goof ball of the family. He has such a funny personality and is so loveable that you are drawn to him. He talks and laughs non-stop, if only I knew what he was saying. He mostly speaks gibberish, which I'm very rusty at, and I can only understand about half of what he is saying! Some of my favorites are: "Pease" (Please), "Andewww, hep me!"(Andrew, help me), "Mo pease" [More please (while making the sign language hand signal for more and tilting his head to the side)], "Ere bu go?" (Where'd Buzz go?), "Noooooo!" (in a whiney, elongated voice), "No touch!" (whenever someone touches or gets close to me, he's VERY territorial, lol), and "Tatch!" (Catch, which he only warns as you get hit in the face with whatever he wanted you to catch).

He recently had his 2 yr old check up which we did a bit early and got 8 shots! 4 in each of his chunky little thighs, OUCH!! When he got home he slept thru the pain and when he woke up, he stood up and realized how sore his legs were so he stood there, reached his hands up and said, "Andew, hep me!" Melted our hearts! In true form, he recovered quickly and soon began wreaking havok! Did I mention how adventurous he is?!? Definetly keeps me on my toes, lol. Certainly not like my other two. He weighed in at 32lbs and was exactly 3 ft tall. Was in the 95th percentile for both. And, just like everyone else, the Dr. had to comment on how white he is! Geesh! He's white! Get over it! Can you tell I've heard it one too many times, lol! The usual comments are: "OMG! He is sooo funny and cute!", "He is so big!", "He's really pale!", pretty much in that exact order. Oh, and...."Where'd he get those beautiful blue eyes?!?"

His favorites right now: Watching any of the Toy Story movies, Fraggle Rock, the cartoon versions of Alvin and the Chipmunks, Elmo, and Cars. He absolutely loves Buzz Lightyear, any cars, and his big brother. He enjoys dumping out our coin jug and putting them back in, pushing the cat off of me and emptying out the dishwasher.

Next week, I start watching a little 5 month old named Bella. A girl I work with had an amazing internship opportunity and needed someone to watch her on Wednesdays and asked if I could watch her. I'm excited to have a little baby girl in the house again and I'm even more excited to see how Tommy interacts with her. He absolutely LOVES girls! Hopefully I can back into the swing of watching two little ones at once! I haven't had to do that in 8 years! Yikes!