Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A day with my son.

So, while Madison is in Gunnison with my good friend Shannon and her family, I decide to take Andrew on a little trip. I used to go up to Boulder quite a bit in my younger years and thought I would share that with Andrew. We started by having a bite to eat at Old Chicago on the Pearl Street Mall. We sat outside to people watch and played a little 'Truth or Dare' while we waited for our food. Yes, I took a few dares and made a tard out of myself; but, to hear him giggle like that was worth a bit of self-humiliation. After lunch, we walked the mall. Andrew got a kick out of the people singing and playing their guitars. There was even a guy walking around with a cello trying to find a spot to perform! We browsed through a few shops and bought a few souvenirs. After the mall, I decided to take him up to my favorite spot. It's off of Canyon Rd. in the mountains. I used to climb this mountain all of the time. I loved it! However, when we get to the spot where I would climb, it's fenced off! Only bike trails are accessible! I figure it's only a log fence so we will be a little reckless and crawl through it and make our way up. Andrew was so funny! Anyone who knows us, have heard my stories about how anal Andrew is and how afraid he is of doing something wrong. He always thinks of the worst-case-scenario and is instantly nervous. He's a nervous wreck worrying about getting attacked by mountain lions or falling on a cactus, which are maybe the size of his hand! We make it to the top and sit and enjoy the view. It's truly breath taking!

On the way down, Andrew's paranoia kicks in again. He says to me, "what if the police are waiting for us at the fence?"! I just shake my head and laugh. I explain to him that we didn't break any laws. They probably just fenced it off because it's not a paved path up. I'm glad that Andrew is concerned with not doing anything wrong, but I don't want him to be consumed with fear because I don't want it to hold him back from having some really great experiences.

All in all, I think we had a pretty great day. Today is more of a lounge at the pool kind of day. :)