Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's a BOY!!!!

The anticipation is finally over! We are happy to announce that we will be having a boy this February. As most of you know, we already have a name picked out. His name will be Thomas after my father, but we'll call him Tommy for short (that is until he gets older). Tommy is growing perfectly. We feel so blessed to have another baby, have it be a boy like we wanted, and everything so far is healthy and growing on schedule. Andrew and Madison were so excited to see their little unborn baby brother moving, kicking and opening his mouth while in my belly. Lee and I were happy that he cooperated so we could know the sex. When I was pregnant with Andrew, he didn't cooperate and I was stuck with yellow and green baby stuff. Tommy was not shy at all about showing the goods and at first wouldn't cooperate about showing the technician the important stuff, instead he kept twisting and turning to show us all he was a boy! I'm hoping to find a way to upload some of the ultrasound pictures so everyone can see my little "bun in the oven"!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Madison lost another tooth on top! Now, she is missing 5 teeth on top and two on bottom. Her two front teeth are finally starting to show signs of coming through. The other night I made some hot wings and BBQ wings. Andrew starts cracking up laughing and I look over to see what all the commotion is and then I see Madison's face! Then she says to me, "well, I can't eat them with my front teeth so I have to pull the chicken off with my side teeth!". Naturally, I HAD to take a picture of her. She made sure to smile big. What a goof!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Blitz Blowout!!

For the last three weeks, Andrew's team has completely shut out the other teams. Week one: the score was 45-0, week two: the score was 52-0, and today's score was 63-0! Next week is the big challenge. We are up against the other undefeated team, the Northglenn Giants. This is the team whose coach tried to recruit Andrew (see older post). The coaches have already warned the boys that they were going to have a rough practice this week.Picture above was against the Brighton Bulldogs. Picture below was against Northglenn Cowboys.The coach told him since he did such a good job opening up holes for us to score that he let Andrew score the extra point in last Saturday's game. Of course we were excited because Andrew is strictly a lineman so the chances of him having the opportunity to score is very minimal. We are very proud of him and his team. Way to go Broomfield Blitz!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Baby update

I went to the doctor yesterday and everything is going really well. I am gaining just the right amount of weight so hopefull I will stay on that track and not go overboard like my other pregnancies. As always, I am instantly wide but my hubby never seems to mind. He loves me any size (though I prefer to be thin). The baby's heartbeat is 140 bpm and seems to be growing perfectly. My ultra sound is scheduled for September 29th and I CANNOT wait! If baby cooperates I'll get to know if it's going to be my little Tommy or my precious Chloe...or Isabella. We are still undecided on the girl name. Aside from my hubby and the kids, everyone is super excited for the baby to come. My in-laws and best friend, Jolene, are already buying stuff for the little one as well and are eagerly awaiting the gender so they can buy pink or blue.
Here are a few 16 wk baby buddha pictures I took while visiting my bestest friend (and newly appointed mom) Jolene. Vanessa's face was cut off in the picture below but at least her eyebrows are looking good!

Hopefully I can get the ultra sound pictures uploaded when they become available so my friends and family can see the bun in the oven!

What a difference a year makes!

Every year, instead of buying their school pictures, I take them to have their pictures taken. I can't believe how different they look in just a year! I guess I don't notice how much they change since I see them day after day. Sure I am constantly looking at pictures of them because I scrapbook often, but I'm still scrapbooking pictures of them when they were much younger. But, when I got these I compared them to the ones they took last year I couldn't believe my eyes! Madison lost her front teeth at the end of May and they still haven't grown in! She is looking more like a beautiful young lady instead of my big headed, blue-eyed pumpkin she used to be. She is my little shadow. If I am at the table scrapbooking, she is right there with me. She randomly "spring" cleans and organizes everything just like me. She is so affectionate, friendly, sympathetic and motherly. I wish she would stay my little girl forever. And Andrew, I am so proud of him. He is so smart, responsible, and full of integrity. He is my little adult. It's hard to see him grow so fast. I feel like I didn't get to enjoy him enough as my little boo boo. He's off to middle school next year and I hope that he continues to excel in Math, Reading and football.

They both have those cheeks you just have to pinch!