Monday, February 23, 2009

He's Here!

Finally, after 40 weeks of impatiently waiting, our little Tommy has arrived. It didn't come easy either. This pregnancy was by far the hardest. From constant back pain because he sat on my ciatic nerve, to sleepless nights of tossing and turning and rib pain. On Tuesday, the day before the scheduled induction, I had my final doctor appointment so that my doctor knew my starting point. I was dilated to 1 and my cervix was only 30% efaced, which means Tommy had no intention of coming any time soon.

On Wednesday morning at 7:30 I was admitted to be induced. They had to start me on Cervetix (?) to soften my cervix before they could start the Pitocen. By 1 o'clock, I hadn't progressed much. I was dilated to a 2 and 40% efaced. My doctor stopped by on his lunch to break my water in hopes of hurrying things along a bit. I thought having my membranes scraped was painful, this was worse! At 3 o'clock they started the Pit and at 11:09 pm Tommy was born. After all that waiting, it only took about 5 pushes and he was out. I think my sister cried more than I did when he was born! It was such a blessing to have Lynn, my sister (and photographer/videographer of the birth), Jolene, my best friend, and of course my hubby, Lee in the room with me. With Lee looking like he was going to pass out, and my sister balling her eyes out, the only other person to look to was Jolene who remained the most calm. :) After Tommy and I were cleaned up we let the kids in the room. Words cannot describe how excited they were to see their new brother. Aaliyah, one of my neices, was excited too because after all the craddling of my stomach, her cousin was finally here.

Born at 11:09 p.m. on 2/18/09. 8 lbs. and 21 inches long

1 day old at his hospital photo shoot

Relaxing at home

Precious little blondie!

Tommy is such a good baby. He reminds me of his sister. He gives a slight growl when he's hungry and a little squirm when he needs changed. Other than that, he is quiet and sweet. When he is awake, he is very alert and stares at you when you talk to him as if he understands every word you are saying. I can't stop staring at him and smothering him with hugs and kisses because after having an almost 8 yr. old and a 10 yr. old that just had open house at Silver Hills Middle School, I know how fast time goes by.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

38 weeks and counting!

As of yesterday, I am 38 weeks along! The last month is always the worst. Not only does it seems to slowly creep by, but it's incredibly uncomfortable. Thankfully my doctor was awsome enough to induce me on my due date and not make me go over like I did with Andrew (10 days overdue) and Madison (14 days overdue). Needless to say, I am so excited to meet the little guy. Lee and the kids are as well. We went to my hang out with my little brother for the Superbowl and his friend Dustin's 15 month old was there. Lee couldn't get enough of little Marcus. Madison followed him around everywhere and Andrew couldn't stop laughing at all the cute things he did. I think we are more than ready to have a little one running around and causing havok again!
Hopefully the next time I blog, it'll be about Tommy!

The Shooting Stars

Madison has been in gymnastics, dance, cheerleading, MMA and now she is giving basketball a try. Her first game was this past Saturday and it was completely adorable to watch! There are no referees, keeping track of score or fouls called. The girls wear colored wristbands to keep track of who they are suppose to be guarding. They are trying to learn the basic fundamentals of passing, dribbling, guarding and shooting which is quite challenging for them. In the video, there is constant double dribbling and traveling. It's funny to see them all gather around the ball, walking side to side to get in a good shot and the non-stop dribble-walk-dribble. Although they didn't keep score, Madison's team, the shooting stars, made the most baskets. I can't wait till her next game!

Compulsive Kitty

For those of you who have seen my cat, he's huge! I've had him for 8 1/2 years and I absolutely adore him. He follows me wherever I go and is waiting by the door for me when I get home. Over the last year, he has gotten really fat. So fat that he can no longer reach his back to lick/comb his hair and I have to figure out a safe way to shave him. I refuse to take him out of the house to take him to get groomed because he completely freaks out and hyperventilates (for lack of a better way to describe it).
The compulsive part is what is starting to worry me. He has picked up this habit of eating lint and whatever else he finds off the floor. I swear the minute I leave the house he plops in front of his cat food and eats non-stop till I get home. And, if I'm busy cleaning and moving about, he is following me around and eating crap off the carpet. Although I love how big and cuddly he is, I wouldn't want him to die early because he is overweight. He puts Garfield to shame!